My name is Melanie Hunt and I am the                                founder of Together Family Fitness.

I have always been into keeping fit and when I was young and single, I found this easy to do, especially when I joined the Army and being in shape was a requirement of the job.  However, when I had a family, all of that changed.  I left the Regular Army to focus on my children and became a teacher.  I also joined the Reserves so I still needed to be fit, but there was suddenly very little opportunity for me to train.  Between looking after the children, doing house work, having a job, and spending quality time as a family, my schedule was jam-packed.  Fitness slipped down the priority list.

Not exercising regularly had a big impact on my energy levels, self esteem and general well-being, as well as my physical health and weight.  So I began to look around for exercise classes which I could go to with my family which would allow me to exercise, spend time with my family, and hopefully instill a keep-fit ethos in my kids, at the same time.  I was astounded that I couldn't find any classes to attend.  I knew that I couldn't be the only one struggling to balance family life with looking after myself.

Through my Army training, I had obtained a qualification which allowed me to take soldiers through basic fitness sessions.  Being a teacher had given me experience of working with children.  I realised that I was perfectly placed to create family fitness sessions and so I founded Together Family Fitness. 

It is now my mission to allow families to have the opportunity to exercise together.  Despite my background, these are not hardcore military bootcamps.  They are designed for everyone; from normal mums and dads who don't get much chance to exercise, to fitness fanatics who normally do their own training but want to do another session with their kids.  The sessions certainly do not run like a military operation!  As with anything involving kids, they are invariably chaotic and don't necessarily go to plan, but are always lots of fun.  I would love to see you and your family at a session soon.    

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