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5 Steps to a Fitter Family

It's that time of year... rainy days and cold, dark nights. Before you know it, you have spent another weekend watching films on Netflix with the kids. Your energy levels are plummeting and your waistlines are expanding. It doesn't have to be this way! Here are our 5 top tips to get your family moving again.

1. Join in the fun

Kids have limitless energy and love to play games. Next time you take them to the park, don't sit on the bench on your phone, get up and join in! Your kids will love it and playing games like tag soon burns through the calories.

2. Choose activ-ities

Whilst cuddling up in the warm with a board game and mugs of hot chocolate is a wonderful way to spend a weekend afternoon, it will feel so much better after you have earned it. So try and do something more active together before settling down. Brave the weather for a walk in the countryside, enjoy a family exercise class, or head to the local pool for a splash. Or why not find a new hobby that you can all enjoy learning together, like bouldering, tennis or dancing? You'll be having so much fun, you won't even notice you are doing exercise.

3. Challenge yourselves

Fitness challenges are a popular way for adults to motivate themselves and get into good habits. And it is no different for families! Choose something together and decide on a reward, like a family day out, if you manage to stick with it. Get your kids to design a chart that you can stick on the fridge so that they can tick it off every day when you complete the task. You will also be showing them the value of committing to something and the pleasure you get when you succeed. Winner!

4. Go online

If I want to do a workout, my first port of call is Youtube. And it is just the same for family workouts! Search for 'kids fitness', clear a space in the living room and have some fun. The beauty of the kid friendly routines is that they are always a bit of giggle so it doesn't feel like a chore, and they are often short enough to fit in as an energiser before school or while the tea is cooking.

5. Make it part of the routine

The easiest way to stick with your aim of getting fitter as a family is by making it part of your routine. Get up earlier so that the whole family can walk or cycle to school. Even if you have to drive, why not park a little bit further away so you get to walk the last bit. Every step counts! Or build the ideas from this article into your daily lives - do a family activity every Saturday morning, a five minute Youtube workout every day before school, or go to the park for a family game every Sunday. You won't regret it!

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